Leaf Surface

Glaucous : Covered with a whitish powder or waxy coating.

Farinose : Covered with a meal-like powder or minute particles.

Scurfy : Covered with small scalelike particles.

Viscid (Viscous) : Covered with sticky or resinous secretion.

Glutinous : About the same as viscid.

Punctate : Dotted with minute pits or translucent dots.

Papillate (Papillose) : Bearing minute, pimplelike protuberances.

Tuberculate : Bearing tubercles or warty protuberances.

Verrucose : About the same as tuberculate

Rugose : Wrinkled--typical leaves of the mint family (Lamiaceae)

Glabrous : Without hairs of any kind.

Pubescent : With a hairy surface--there are many kinds of hairiness.