What is Live Earth - India Home Club (IHC) ?

India Home club comprises of a medicinal plants garden, rejuvenating resort and an ayurvedic health treatment centre. It is an informative, entertaining, relaxing, rejuvenating and healing venue.

At IHC we aim to recover, preserve, learn more and share the lost knowledge about the thousands of medicinal plants used by various cultures in traditional health treatments. Here medicinal plants are grown to find safe natural alternatives to drugs used today.

Medicinal Plants Garden:
There are more than 2000 LIVE medicinal plants at IHC all grown organically, without the use of artificial fertilizers, sprays or any other artificial matter. All plants are grown under natural environmental conditions in stone pits.

At IHC one can admire and enjoy the beauty of the medicinal plants, soothe one's senses with the unique aromas of different aromatic medicinal plants and benefit from their healing properties through various health treatments offered here.

IHC is located within the Kotagiri hills (of Tamilnadu, India) described as the 'Switzerland of the East'. This 14 acre club at an elevation of roughly 6500ft above sea level is set among the lush green tea estates, characterised by gentle slopes, breathtaking scenery, seasonal waterfalls, exquisite flora and panoramic view of the Nilgiri hills- The Blue Mountains.

The IHC's unique location and facilities offers an irresistible place to be at for peace, relaxation, rejuvenation, entertainment, education, health camps, trekking and explorations.

At India Home Club we welcome all to come again and again to a home away from home!

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